Lender Liability Overview

Lender liability is made up of a body of common and statutory law covering a broad spectrum of claims. Claims may arise under the following areas:

  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Duress
  3. Bad faith
  4. Breach of fiduciary duty
  5. Fraud and misrepresentation
  6. Negligent loan processing and administration
  7. Interference
  8. Equitable subordination in a bankruptcy case
  9. Fraudulent transfers
  10. Preferential tranfers
  11. Fair Labor Standards Act
  12. Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  13. Antitrust laws
  14. Anti-tying
  15. Environmental Laws
  16. RICO
  17. Withholding taxes
  18. Securities laws
  19. Bank Secrecy Act
  20. Director and Officer liability to state and federal regulators

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