godwin1.gifLove's a cruel invention/Disguising bad intention

(Cruel Heart, 1982)

Peter Godwin first appeared (or at least I first heard of him) as half of Metro, along with Duncan Browne.  Metro would be almost completely forgotten had David Bowie not covered their Criminal World on Let's Dance.  Five years and two Metro albums later Peter Godwin emerged as a solo act to release Torch Songs (For The Heroine).  This was followed by Images Of Heaven, most likely the song for which he will be remembered.  Two videos exist for Images Of Heaven: the first, suitable for Saturday Morning children's television, features a girl who comes to life off the front of Peter's cereal box.  The second, more suitable for the Playboy Channel, features nude girls in crucifixal poses.  An album (Correspondance) was released, which should have done better than it did, although, for what it's worth, Baby's In The Mountains was used in a club scene on an American soap opera (sorry-- don't know which one).  There was also a video for Baby's In the Mountains, with Peter walking through deserted, early morning city streets. The new compilation from Oglio contanins three new tracks (four if you count the remix of Rendezvous), plus lyrics and some excellent running commentary from the man himself. Highly reccommended.

Discography: (all timings are as listed on the record sleeve)



Metro (US Sire SR 3041 1977      UK release on Transatlantic 1976)
(produced by Peter Sames And Métro)
5.24 Criminal World
3.01 Preciousgodwin2.gif
8.27 Overture To Flame
3.59 Mono Messiah
4.25 Black Lace Shoulder
3.15 Paris
5.50 One Way Night
4.40 Jade

New Love 1979, EMI EMC 3295 (UK)
Side One - Cut-Up, Now I Wanna Dance, I Don't Wanna Dance, New Love, Madness
Is A Virtue
Side Two - Girls In Love, Underworld, Christina, The Mystery, Woman Zone

Tony Adams, bass and vocals, Colin Wight - guitars, Peter Godwin - lead vocals, Sean Lyons - Guitars, John LaForge - drums. Produced by Mike Thorne.

Future Imperfect 1980, Metronome 0060.345 (W. Germany)
Side One - Going Up In Flames, Alone, The Promise, Exterminating Angels, The Face
Side Two - America In My Head, Gemini, Middle Of The Night, Making You Up

Tony Adams - Bass guitar, Peter Godwin - vocals, John Laforge - drums, Sean Lyons - Guitars, piano on "Gemini". Produced by Martin Lawrence.


Dance Emotions (Polydor Netherlands compilation 2478 169 1982)
(all tracks produced by George Kajanus except Torch Songs produced by Midge Ure)godwin3.gif
4.15 Emotional Disguise (extended version)
5.35 Torch Songs For The Heroine (extended version)
2.30 French Emotions
5.00 Images Of Heaven (dance mix)
3.12 Cruel Heart
5.26 Luxury (extended version)

(note: French Emotions is Emotional Disguise with the lyrics spoken in French)

Correspondance (US Polydor 815 025-1-Y-1 1983)
godwin1.jpg(produced by George Kajanus)
4.07 Baby's In The Mountains
4.50 The Art Of Love
3.08 Window Shopping
5.34 Soul To Soul
4.24 Young Pleasure
3.42 The Dancer
3.34 Correspondance
3.03 Over Twenty-One
4.16 Soul Of Love


Singles (12" unless listed otherwise):


Criminal World/Precious 7", Transatlantic Records #BIG 560, 1976

The Mystery/Cut Up 7", EMI 2993

(note: this copy says "Demo-not for sale" so I don't know it it was a promo only release or if there was a regular 7" as well)

America In My Head (dance mix by richard burgess)/America In My Head (produced by Martin Lawrence)/Alone (1981, Polydor POSPX 280, UK)


5.38 Torch Songs (extended version)/Torch Songs (ballad) (POSPX 335 1981 Polydor UK)

Images of Heaven (extended version)/ Spoken Images (UK 12" 1982, Polydor POSPX 440)

Cruel Heart/Luxury (extended)/Cruel Heart (instrumental) (UK 12" 1982, Polydor POSPX 525)

5.00 Images Of Heaven (dance mix)/5.35 Torch Songs (extended version)/4.15 Emotional Disguise (extended version)/4.14 Emotional Disguise (instrumental) (US Polydor PX-1-504 1982)

6.53 Baby's In The Mountains (club version)/4.07 Baby's In The Mountains (radio version) (Polydor US Promo PRO 228-1)

Baby's In The Mountains (New York Remix)/Soul Of Love (1983 Polydor 815 536-1 Holland)

The Art Of Love (New York remix)/The Art Of Love (New York dubmix)/The Art Of Love (UK remix) (Polydor UK POSPX 632 1983)

CD Compilations:

Images Of Heaven

Rendezvous/Another World/Naked Smile/Baby's In The Mountains/The Art Of Love/Young Pleasure/The Dancer/Torch Songs For The Heroine (single version)/Emotional Disguise (12" EP version)/Images Of Heaven (full-length version)/Cruel Heart/Gemini/Criminal World/Images Of Heaven (Razormaid version)/Baby's In The Mountains (club version- John Luongo mix)/Rendezvous (French Remix) (Oglio OGL 81594-2 US 1998)

Produced by Peter Godwin:


To Have And Have Not (full length version) (written by Peter Godwin, produced by Peter Godwin and George Kajanus)/ Blue Cabaret (written by Godwin/Kajanus/Ronny), If You Want Me To/Stay (full version) (written by Silverster Stewart) Produced by Midge Ure and Rusty Egan (1982 Polydor, 12" UK POSPX 392)

Tik & Tok

Summer In The City b/w Crisis 7" Survival Records 1982 All instruments played by Russell Bell.

(Long Hot) Summer In The City b/w Crisis 12" Survival Records 1982 All instruments played by Russell Bell.

Where to look for music by Peter Godwin.

The first Metro album has been released in Japan, and is available from Back Trip Records.  You can contact them for pricing and ordering information.

I am very much indebted to Elizabeth for quite a few additions to this discography, especially the second and third Metro albums, of whose existance I was not even aware.  Also to Tim Dry, of Tik Tok. But unfortunately, even with all their hard work, it still is not meant to be complete.  I am always grateful for any corrections or additions.