fashion1.jpgFASHØN was best known for the British hit Love Shadow, from their second album, Fabrique. While Twilight Of  Idols has much to recommend it, Fabrique was their last album with the original line-up.  I am, of course, always grateful for more information.


(note: all albums listed are US version, and to the best of my knowledge have never been released on CD.  Love Shadow is available on Electric Dreams, a German 2-CD set released as Polygram TV 525 435-2)

Where to look for music by Fashion.

Many thanks go out to Elizabeth for providing info on Product Perfect! Many further thanks go out to Matt for providing information on several 7 and 12" singles, and also the videos.


Product Perfect 1979 (IRS US/ ? UK)

Product Perfect/Die In The West/Red, Green And Gold/Burning Down/Big John/Hanoi Away/Innocent/Citinite/Don't Touch Me/Bike Boys/Fashion/Technofascist

Fabrique 1982 (AL6604 Arista US, Arista SPART 1185 UK, Arista 25RS-175 Japan)

Streetplayer-Mechanik/You Only Left Your Picture/Move On/Something In Your Picture/Dressed To Kill/Love Shadow/It's Alright/Whitestuff (Short Cut)/Do You Wanna Make Love/Slow Blue

The cassette version (ATC 6604) contained the complete album on side A (42.36).  Side B  (40:50) contained:

Mutant Move/Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue/Street Mechanik/Dressed To Kill Double Dub/You Only Left Your Picture (Reggae Reprise)/Something In Your Picture (Alternative Playback)/Whitestuff (The Unfinished)/Do You Wanna Make Love (At 5:00 A.M.)?


Twilight Of Idols 1984 (BFE 39427 Epic)fashion5.jpg

Eye Talk/Dreaming/Trader/Hit Girl/You In The Night/Delirious/Hurricane/Too Much Too Soon/Slow Down/Twilight Of Idols

The cassette version (EPC40-25909) contained the complete album on side A. Side B contained the following:

Eye Talk/You In The Night/Charme Discret/Hit Girl/Dreaming/White Line Flyer/Hurricane/Trader/Twilight Of Idols



7" stéädy eddié stéädy/killing time (fàshiön music Fm001 UK, ps)


7" 2:36 The Innocent/3:15 Red, Green & Gold/1:52 Sodium Penthathol Negativ (US IRS, IR 9502, ps)

7" Citinite/Wastelife (IRS?, FM 002 UK, ps)


12" Move On (audio extra) (6:43)/Mutant Dance Move (5:42) (Arista, ARIST 12440 UK, ps)

7" Move On/? (Arista, ARIST 440 UK, ps)


12" You Only Left Your Picture (promo, Arista SP-144, gs? US)
12": US, '82, Arista, CP-719, gs?

7" Streetplayer-Mechanik/? (Arista ARIST 456UK , ps)
12" Streetplayer-Mechanik/? (Arista ARIST 12456UK , ps)

12" Move On (6:45)/Streetplayer-Mechanik (8:23)
7" Move On/Streetplayer (US, Arista, AS 0702, gs?)
7" Move On/Streetplayer (Japan, Arista, 7RS-37, ps)

12" Something In Your Picture (UK, Arista, ARIST 12472, ps)
7" Something In Your Picture (UK, Arista, ARIST 472, ps)
7" Something In Your Picture (3:34)/Alternative Playback (half frame) (3:02) (UK, Arista, ARIPD 472, pic disk)

12" Love Shadow (7:11)/Dressed To Kill (double dub) (2:54)/White Stuff (the unfinished) (8:44)/Something In Your Picture (alternative playback) (3:08) (US, Arista, SP 145, promo, gs)

7" Love Shadow/? (US Arista, AS 1009, gs?)
7" Love Shadow/Slow Blue (Canada, Arista, AS 1009, promo, gs)

12": Love Shadow/Let's Play Dirty (Germany, Arista, 600.665, ps)
12" Love Shadow (Smoky Dialogue)/Let's Play Dirty (Centrefold) (UK, Arista, ARIST 12483, limited ed., w/ free 12" (Move On (audio extra) (6:43)/Mutant Dance Move (5:42), ps
7" Love Shadow/? (UK, Arista, ARIST 483, ps)


12" Eye Talk (mutant version) (9:17)/Eye Talk (2:30)/Eye Talk (single version) (3:23) (US, Epic, 49-05051, promo, gs)
7" Eye Talk/? (US, De Stijl, 3404604, ps?)
12" Eye Talk (mutant version) (9:14)/Slow Down (4:44)/Eye Talk (talk) (2:42) (UK, '84, De Stijl, TA 4106, ps)

12" Dreaming (extended version) (6:43)/White Line Flyer (extended version) (3:15)White Line Flyer (dub) (not listed) (3:20) (UK, '84, De Stijl, TA 4327, ps)
7" Dreaming (3:55)/White Line Flyer (2:35) (UK, '84, De Stijl, A4327, gs)

12" You In The Night/? (UK, De Stijl, TA 4502, ps)
7" You In The Night/? (UK, De Stijl, A 4502, ps?)
2x7" UK, De Stijl, DA 4502, g-fold ps
You In The Night (3:42)/You In The Night (instrumental) (3:57)/Yamashta Theme (intro) (live) (3:22)/Hurricane (live) (3:22)/White Stuff (live) (6:23)


12" Eye Talk/? (UK De Stijl, PASH 1261, ps)
7" Eye Talk/? (UK, De Stijl, BEG 187, hologram ps)
7" Eye Talk/? (Japan, Epic?, 07.5P-302, ps)


12" Something In Your Picture (UK, Arsita, PASH 1270, ps)

12" Dressed To Kill (US Arista, ?, gs?)

Remix Services

12": US, ?, Razormaid, CX-4, ps?
6:17 Streetplayer Mechanik
CD: US, ?, Razormaid, CYC #3, ps, same as CX-4


Streetplayer [Streetplayer Mechanik]
Move On
Love Shadow
Eye Talk

As always this discography is not meant to be complete.  Please write me with any further questions, comments, or information. Many thanks go out to Dominic for information on the Twilight Of Idols cassette!